Non-surgical lip augmentation uses the careful and technical insertion of hyaluronic fillers in areas of the lips and surroundings to give the lips more volume and a tenting/lining, but keeping them looking natural. It is also possible to enhance certain features of the lip such as the cupid bow, which gives a more feminine looking luscious lip. The procedure of lip augmentation only takes approximately 20 minutes but lasts between12 and18 months (as we only use the best pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid).

Natural Beauty

This is the most common procedure we practice and we are proud to say that this is our main interest and speciality!

Overtime, our skin starts to loose a natural youth serum called hyaluronic acid. This is produced by our skin cells at an alarming rate during our younger years but unfortunately starts to tail off in our mid-20s. This results in the signs of aging we all hate. There are thousands of products that claim to reduce this by increasing hyaluronic acid levels but the truth is; this is only possible via hyaluronic acid (aka dermal filler).

We only use qualified doctors with years of experience in aesthetics for our dermal filler treatments. This shows in our results and is the reason why our clients keep coming back!