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Lip Correction - Dissolving HA filler and Re-creating that Natural Looking Lip Shape

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Unfortunately, as non-surgical aesthetic procedures has become more mainstream, an exponential amount of unqualified people/practitioners have jumped on the bandwagon. Many of these are just there for the money and not the patient. This creates huge problems as some of these "practitioners" have no medical knowledge of anatomy, physiology or management of potential (but rare) complications. That scares me! Why take the necessary risk! This is your face at the end of the day.

We have seen an increasing amount of clients that have came to us seeking lip correction over the last few years. These clients have had the disastrous experience of having accidentality putting their trust in someone who should not be providing filler treatments to the public. We have came across problems caused by: poor injection technique, wrong product selection, and unfortunately infection. All of these are potential complications with all filler treatments, however, in the cases we have seen, this had obviously been causes by inexperience, incompetence and even negligence.

Luckily, the marvellous properties of hyaluronic acid lip filler is that it can be reversed and therefore fixed!

One of our beautiful clients that dveloped more volume over definition, which we reversed and now looks amazing

We have mastered the use of hyaluronidase (an amazing enzyme that breaks down the filler in-situ), allowing us to start again with a blank canvas.

We firstly inject the enzyme into the lips to destroy all (or most of) previous injected HA filler, and give it time to work. We the see the patient in 1-2 weeks to reassess the lips. At this point we can 1) further dissolve more of the previous filler or 2) choose to remodel the lips to a naturally beautiful and desired shape by carefully and precise placed HA filler injections.

Ultimately, the beauty of lip filler is that it is reversible! Fashions change over time. A few years go everyone wanted lip volume (the bigger the better), now they want lip definition (with moderate volume). Injection technique has progressed and so has the technology and properties of the lip and facial filler (hyaluronic acid) used. This article has been written, not to scare you, but to encourage you not to worry. Everything can be fixed. However, prevention is better than cure, so choose your practitioner wisely and question everything. You are in control.

Dr L. Richardson

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