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LIP ANATOMY! To provide the best lip filler treatment it's understanding the natural anatomy!

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

There are too many "aesthetic practitioners" out there providing lip filler treatments to clients without a full understanding of the natural anatomy of the lips. It's important to recognise these in order to give that truly natural and beautiful lip augmentation. By understanding these anatomical landmarks we can precisely place HA filler in places that truly compliment lip shape and volume. Long gone the days of inject as much filler as possible and massage it to shape. Somehow, there are still people doing this, giving the client an unsatisfactory result. Please choose your practitioner wisely and ask them their injection techniques and reasons at consultation. A competent practitioner will happy spend time to sit with you and explain all these details to make you at ease. If they can't or wont, shop around!

Image from Aesthetic Medicine May 2019 (Anatomical landmarks of the lip)

Volume and/or Lining

Simply put, we all love a pair of voluminous lips. They create that image of youth and beauty. But it is important that this volume is created in the most natural way. There are many techniques and ways of doing this and I am sure that most aesthetic doctors will disagree on what is best. However, the newest technique, which we always use, uses micro amounts of injected HA filler in the most important anatomical lip landmarks. This always includes the Vermillion border, sometimes the apex of the cupid bow (below the philtrum ridges) and even the philtrum ridges themselves

I have my own style of lip augmentation which I have been continuously developing and improving for the past 4 years. Feel free to look at my personal work on our Instagram .

Ultimately, you can decide the look you want and ask to look at the doctors previous work to see if that's the look you like.

Dr. Liam Richardson

IG: Primedical_aesthetics

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