Toxin injections/


Toxin Injections are the best, quickest, most efficent non-invasive ways to reduce wrinkles or the face and can even be used for facial slimming and hyperhydrosis (excess sweating) of the hands and feet.

Facial toxin injections

Toxin Injections or Anti-wrinkle injections involve the careful and skillfull placement of Botulinum Toxin into the muscles of the face by our highly trained Doctors. There are three areas most commonly injected (due to those being the most common areas of wrinkles as we age).

The 3 main areas of the upper face are:

  • Frown Region (Glabellar Region)

  • Forehead Lines

  • Smile Lines/Crows Feet (Lateral Canthal Lines)

Bunny Lines on the face are often requested to be treated. These are the small swrinkles that develop on the nose during particular facial expressions. The treatment is quick and relatively painless and the results last upto 6 months dependent on the person treated.


Our Doctors will complete a full assessment of your face, as well as exploring your ideas and concerns to see which toxin treatments areas they recommend for you

Price are as follows and are subject to change:

  • 1 Area - £150

  • 2 Areas - £200

  • 3 Areas - £250

Any extra areas can be discussed during the consultantion.

Jaw slimming/masseter reduction

These involve toxin injections into the masseter muscle (the muscle used for chewing our food). This clever treatment causes these very large muscles to become smaller (without effecting your chewing). This inturn causes the bottom of the face to become slimming, creating a more feminine look.

This treatment also helps reduce or stop Bruxism (the involutary grinding or clenching of the teeth), which can cause problems in some people with constant damaging or chipping of teeth (mainly during sleep).

The treatment is quick and relatively painless. However, results may take a number of weeks to show and results should last upto 12 months.

Prices are as follows:

  • Smaller dose (40-60 units) - £300

  • Larger dose (80-100 units) - £500

Some people may require two treatments to get the desired facial slimming depending on the size of their masseter muscle.

hyperhidrosis/excess sweating

These involve very shallow toxin injections into the skin of the armpits, palms and/or plantar aspect of the foot. These are the most common areas that have excess sweating which can lead to social embarrisment or just general discomfort.

This treatment also helps reduce or stop excess sweating. The toxin injected cleverly stops the sweat glands in these regions from working and hence stops these sweat glands from creating sweat.

The treatment is quick and relatively painless. However, results may take a number of weeks to show and the results should last 6-12 months.

Prices are as follows:

  • Underarm/Armpits (£400 for both)

  • Palms/Hands (£400 for both)

  • Plantar Aspect of Feet (£400 for both)

A local anaesthetic cream will be applied to the area prior to treatment to help reduce any pain.However, most clients find the treatment quite comfortable, as the injects are patricularly quick to do.

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